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24 October 2018

The new website of the Pan Arcadian Federation of America

The design of the new website (research, sources, texts, structure and editing) and the questionnaire of the General Registry of Greek – American Arcadians in the United States and repatriates from the United States to Greece, was conducted by the journalist Filippos Sotiropoulos. The Graphics Design was carried out by and the Web Development by

Filippos Sotiropoulos was born in Arcadia.

He studied Humanities at the University of Patras and Journalism, Communications and Advertising in Athens.

Social Media Pro – Advanced, certified by Staregister, recognized by the International Personnel Certification Association. (IPC)

Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Media (Deree – The American College of Greece) Know crunch – Learn. Transform. Thrive.

Journalist and Communications Consultant, works at the press office of a construction company.

He has worked at newspapers and magazines, 15 years in radio and 10 years on regional television.

He is a member of the Association of European Journalists.

During the period 1990 – 1993 he was a Special Communications Consultant at the Ministry of National Economy.

He has been a special adviser to the Mayors of Tropea and Levidi Municipalities (Arcadia) for a four-year period each.

In the 2005 – 2009 period, he served as a Special Adviser to the Foreign Ministry on issues of Communications, Hellenic Diaspora and Ancient Patriarchates.

He has participated in 57 international missions with the Foreign Ministry, in countries of Europe, the Middle East and the rest of Asia, North and Latin America, Africa and Oceania.

He participated in special missions to: Istanbul, Alexandria, Damascus, Aleppo, Jerusalem, Madaba, the Vatican and other destinations of ecclesiastical importance.

He has participated in conferences in Greece and abroad. He has organized several conferences and has presented various events. (Athens Concert Hall, Athens College Theater).

In September 2017 the TV show “Rogmi Fotos” (Crack of Light) which he presented on the Satellite Television of the Peloponnese, was honoured at the Regional Media Awards 2017 as one of the three best broadcasts nationwide, winning the BRONZE Award.

He prefaced and edited in a book the proceedings of the 53rd Pan Arcadian Federation of America Convention, held in Tripoli, with the subject: “Timeless Hellenism – Ecumenical Arcadian Debt” -1992 (Published by the Municipality of Tripoli – 15,000 copies).